BWT 79-Day Update

After a 31-day stopover  in North Texas, our beloved Blue-winged Teal, fondly known as Fat Daddy, has reappeared in Boise, Oklahoma. Upon his return to cellular network range, we are now able to dive deep into his movement data from the past month.

Our dear friend and colleague, Manuel Grosselt, was instrumental in helping us tag Fat Daddy on April 5th. In the subsequent 79 days, we’ve not only amassed a trove of information about this elusive bird but have also developed a deep bond with him. This is not just a scientific endeavor but a community-oriented learning experience. Over the course of 79 exciting days, our feathered friend has flown an impressive 1502 miles, clocked a top speed of 80.7 MPH, and soared to an altitude of over 9,500 feet during his northward journey.

One fascinating insight we’ve uncovered is that our Teal prefers to fly under the cover of night. Out of 1502 miles of his total journey, only 59 miles were covered between 6 AM and 6 PM. This tiny fraction, less than 5% of his total flight, giving us a clear picture of the nocturnal migration patterns of teal.

Our ’50 Ducks’ project is built on the belief that people are more likely to invest their time, energy, and resources into what they understand and appreciate. We aim to create a resource that not only engages the seasoned waterfowler, but also ignites a spark of interest in students and casual observers who might not have previously considered the fascinating world of waterfowl. Our ultimate goal is to increase interest in waterfowl conservation by showcasing the captivating lives these creatures lead. As we draw closer to our initial launch and the tagging of 50 waterfowl for the imminent migration south, we encourage you to check out our live waterfowl tracker. Witness for yourself the incredible journeys these creatures embark on.

Remember, every duck has a story, and it’s our privilege to be able to share these tales with you. So, stay tuned and keep an eye on the skies!