Follow Duck Migration With Our Live Tracker

Ducks in Flight, Mallard pair

Follow Duck Migration With Our Live Tracker

Follow Duck Migration With Our Live Tracker

Are you passionate about ducks and other waterfowl? Well, kick your feet up and get ready to indulge in a bird-watching activity like no other. At 50 Ducks, we’re all about helping waterfowl enthusiasts like you track and understand the migration patterns of these fascinating birds across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our easy-to-use duck tracker offers precise, nearly real-time data on duck locations, making it the best choice for anyone interested in observing and learning more about these incredible creatures. Dive into our world of feathers and duck migration maps, and join us on this exciting journey!

50 Ducks: Uniting Passionate Birdwatchers, Students, and Enthusiasts

At 50 Ducks, we believe in the power of passion and community. Founded by Mike and Greer Smith, lifelong outdoors enthusiasts, our business is rooted in the desire to better understand ducks and their behavior through innovative GPS waterfowl tracking.

By offering precise duck tracker data on locations and migration patterns, we’re helping to foster a greater appreciation for these incredible birds and the natural world they inhabit.

Exciting news! 50 additional ducks/geese will be added in Fall 2023, but you can follow the movements of our first two Blue-Winged Teal on our live duck migration map today!

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The 50 Ducks Story

by Greer Smith Date: March 17, 2023

The 50 Ducks Story Greer Smith March 17, 2023 Every year my dad and I go to Venice Louisiana on a hunting trip. As with all waterfowl trips south of the Dakotas, some years are, good some years are bad. Why Is that? As our boat was stuck on a mud flat in... [Continue Reading]

Why Choose 50 Ducks As Your Go-To Duck Tracker?

Real-Time Tracking:

Embrace the excitement of closely monitoring waterfowl through our near real-time tracking capabilities, supplying you with precise and current data on their movements and whereabouts. This advanced feature enriches your tracking experience and fosters a deeper connection with these captivating creatures.

Comprehensive Migration Maps

Gain valuable insights into seasonal migration patterns through our detailed and user-friendly duck migration maps, enhancing your understanding of ducks and geese.

Community-Driven Learning

Join a passionate community of over 2,000,000 birdwatchers, waterfowlers, and enthusiasts, sharing knowledge and experiences while collectively deepening your understanding of waterfowl behavior.

Educational Opportunities

Benefit from a wealth of resources and expert knowledge, perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, students, and researchers looking to expand their understanding of waterfowl and their habitats.

Environmental Stewardship

Contribute to the conservation and appreciation of waterfowl through education, fostering a greater connection with nature, and supporting sustainable practices.


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50 Ducks is the ultimate resource for every waterfowl aficionado. Our user-friendly duck migration map coupled with real-time updates, ensures you’ll never miss a sighting again.

But don’t just rely on our word. Try 50 Ducks for yourself and experience our one-of-a-kind duck tracker firsthand. No other waterfowl tracking platform provides specific details such as flight data, specific location, local weather conditions, movement trends, detailed analysis and more! Register now and start tracking ducks near you in minutes!

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