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IBOC 2023

International Bird Observatory Conference 2023 IBOC 2023 Greer Smith November 13, 2023 The International Bird Observatory Conference (IBOC) in Veracruz, Mexico, was recently hosted by a team of avian conservation stalwarts:...

Why 50 Ducks? A Pirogue Ride

Why 50 Ducks? A Pirogue Ride Greer Smith August 21, 2023 Greer Smith (Right) and Brother Sam Since its inception, many people have asked me why I started 50 Ducks. While...

Wet Feet and Mexican Ducks

Wet Feet and Mexican Ducks Greer Smith July 25, 2023 With the imminent launch of 50 Ducks and the forthcoming banding of our first flock of ducks, we can feel the...

BWT 79-Day Update

BWT 79-Day Update Greer Smith June 23, 2023 After a 31-day stopover  in North Texas, our beloved Blue-winged Teal, fondly known as Fat Daddy, has reappeared in Boise, Oklahoma. Upon his...

Headed North!

Headed North! Greer Smith May 17, 2023 Over the past 42 days, we've been tracking two Blue-winged Teal, banded 20 miles west of Mexico City. For the initial 36 days, "Fat...

Our First Ducks

Our First Ducks Greer Smith April 6, 2023 It has been 441 days since the idea of 50 Ducks first entered my mind. In that time, I have reached out to...

The 50 Ducks Story

The 50 Ducks Story Greer Smith March 17, 2023 Every year my dad and I go to Venice Louisiana on a hunting trip. As with all waterfowl trips south of the...

Duck Diaries: A Closer Look at Our Feathered Friends

At 50 Ducks, we study our feathered friends and bring their fascinating world to your fingertips. Our founder, Greer Smith, grew up loving wildlife inspired by family hunting traditions. Determined to share his passion for the natural world , he masterminded a central registry for waterfowl enthusiasts in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, allowing users to track the wondrous world of ducks. Our duck and waterfowl blog is an educational hub where wildlife students and waterfowl fanatics can learn more about these awe-inspiring creatures. What sets us apart is our commitment to making this knowledge accessible. With live streaming tracking, educational resources, and a dedication to conserving our wetlands, we aim to raise awareness and  change the publics perspective on wetlands conservation.

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