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Welcome to 50 Ducks, where passion for duck conservation meets unparalleled precision in tracking. Our state-of-the-art system offers members real-time updates on duck movements. But we offer more than just geolocation. Dive into comprehensive data that includes flight patterns, local weather forecasts, movement trends, and beyond. Experience the only waterfowl live stream of its kind with 50 Ducks!

As an industry-leading duck organization, our commitment to delivering comprehensive information is at the forefront of our mission.

We understand that delivering accurate data is invaluable to dedicated

Students & Educators

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By collaborating with duck conservation groups, studying migration patterns has become easy, and our data aids in critical research and conservation efforts. The knowledge you gain from our tracking system empowers you to tackle pressing ecological problems and become an invaluable contributor to saving our precious waterfowl. Your passion and our expertise make a perfect partnership for advancing waterfowl conservation.

Our Story: The Journey of 50 Ducks:

50 Ducks would not be where it is today without the invaluable contributions of our pioneering partners, Jack Miner Sanctuary and Tierra de Aves. These two nonprofit organizations have been instrumental in breathing life into this project, fueled by shared visions of conservation and education. Their tireless efforts and unwavering passion have been key to our success. We owe them a special thanks – without them, 50 Ducks would not have been possible.

Manuel Grosselet with a coot

Our story revolves around the journey of a father and son team, Mike and Greer Smith, and a shared passion for understanding the fascinating world of waterfowl. Growing up, outdoor adventures and hunting trips shaped their profound love for the outdoors. Greer’s epiphany came when he realized that GPS tracking could revolutionize the everyday enthusiast’s understanding of ducks and their behavior.

Today, 50 Ducks has grown far beyond its humble beginnings, serving a thriving community of birdwatchers, researchers, conservationists, enthusiasts, and duck organizations who share Mike and Greer’s  deep love for these fascinating creatures. Our organization is not just about tracking ducks. We empower students to pursue wildlife education and contribute proceeds to wildlife and wetlands conservation. 

We proudly collaborate with duck conservation groups and other non-profit organizations to support and sustain our noble cause. At the heart of 50 Ducks is a passion, vision, and human-centered approach that drives our success and unites us with wildlife lovers everywhere. 

Every duck has a story and it’s our job to tell it.

50 Ducks: Your Trusted Partner in Wildlife Tracking

As a leading duck organization, 50 Ducks wants to be your trusted partner for your duck, geese, and wildlife tracking needs. We offer unparalleled insights for educators, researchers, conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts, and students alike. Stay informed about the fascinating world of duck migration and contribute to the preservation of our avian friends. Don’t miss out on crucial updates. Join our mailing list for live duck updates today! 

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