The Environmental Resources Network: Bird Research at Its Finest

The Environmental Resources Network (TERN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving native wildlife through 

  • bird research
  • surveys
  • habitat management
  • land protection

Supported by federal funding, private grants, and donations, they work tirelessly to ensure the preservation of animals such as bald eagles, peregrine falcons, wood thrushes, and painted buntings. 

Terry Johnson, an avid wildlife conservationist, serves as the executive director of The Environmental Resources Network (TERN). Even in retirement, Terry remains actively involved in wildlife conservation by volunteering with Georgia’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation Section. He conducts thorough surveys of birds and butterflies on state lands and leads the Community Wildlife Project. 

T.E.R.N. promotes awareness and education to younger generations. This wildlife non-profit organization dedicates itself to fostering a stronger connection between people and the natural world. Even in urban areas, wildlife watching thrives, highlighting the importance of native species in enhancing our quality of life.

Working Together for Waterfowl Conservation

The Environmental Resources Network (TERN), founded by Terry Johnson, a wildlife biologist with decades of experience, and 50 Ducks, a leading platform for tracking waterfowl, have joined forces in a partnership for waterfowl conservation. 

TERN, a wildlife non-profit organization dedicated to bird research, brings its expertise in safeguarding diverse species, including bald eagles and hummingbirds. Meanwhile, 50 Ducks offers the best online platform for tracking the movement and location of ducks and waterfowl, utilizing flight data, local weather information, and other essential factors. 

This collaboration allows for a comprehensive approach to waterfowl conservation, combining Terry’s extensive knowledge of bird research with 50 Ducks’ advanced tracking capabilities. Together, we strive to protect and preserve waterfowl populations, ensuring their habitats remain secure for future generations.

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