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Registration for the 50 Ducks tracking platform is your gateway to unlocking the hidden world of waterfowl and their migratory patterns. To access our interactive map and a wealth of valuable resources, enter your email address above to register and you’re all set. As a new member, we invite you to test drive all our features for 14 days at no cost. That way, you can experience firsthand the power of our platform with no limitations. Once the trial period ends, a monthly subscription is required to maintain uninterrupted access to our live tracker. With our user-friendly interface, you can track your favorite ducks twice daily with near real-time updates.

At 50 Ducks, we provide birdwatchers, birders, conservationists, educators, and students with the ultimate duck and waterfowl migration maps. Our platform is unique because it showcases the most current flight patterns in the waterfowl tracking industry for an unparalleled experience. 

With us, you get a front-row seat into each bird’s life so you can understand what makes our feathered friends unique. Cutting-edge features, such as near real-time location updates and an innovative tagging system, allow you to monitor the behavior of your favorite bird and keep up with their travels. 

You don’t need to wait months for detailed information on flight paths, allowing you to witness each bird’s captivating daily routine in addition to migration patterns. Unlike other duck maps, this satellite duck tracking map goes above and beyond the competition by offering historical data and updates to enhance your tracking experience.

Inside our resource module, you can immerse yourself in a wealth of educational materials while connecting with a vibrant community of like-minded waterfowl enthusiasts. Get ready to transform your duck-tracking hobby into a thrilling adventure. Your membership will allow you to take your passion to new heights. Partner with us, and let’s fly together!

Note: Please remember that the information on this live stream map is intended to promote knowledge and appreciation for waterfowl. NONE OF THESE DUCKS HAVE ALUMINUM LEG BANDS.

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Cutting-edge GPS technology that tracks waterfowl daily
Detailed flight data and local weather information
Humane treatment of tracked ducks and commitment to conservation
Collaboration with schools and educational institutions
A supportive and passionate duck-tracking community

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