Duck Map For the United States, Canada, & Mexico

Tips for Interacting with the Map

In the lower-right corner of the map, you’ll find the control panel. Below are some of the features you can adjust to customize your duck tracking experience. Please note, these instructions are optimized for desktop use. 

Note: Please remember that the information on this live stream map is intended to promote knowledge and appreciation for waterfowl. NONE OF THESE DUCKS OR GEESE HAVE ALUMINUM LEG BANDS. 

At 50 Ducks, we provide birdwatchers, birders, conservationists, waterfowlers, educators, and students with the ultimate duck and waterfowl migration maps. Our platform is unique because it allows users to follow waterfowl movements in real-time, allowing for an unparalleled experience.

With us, you get a front-row seat into each bird’s life so you can understand what makes our feathered friends unique. Cutting-edge features, such as near real-time location updates and an innovative tagging system, allow you to monitor the behavior of your favorite bird and keep up with their travels.

You don’t need to wait months for detailed information on flight paths. Our platform is unique because it allows users to witness each bird’s daily routines as well as big-picture migratory patterns in real-time. Unlike other duck maps, this satellite duck tracking map goes above and beyond the competition by offering historical data in addition to real-time tracking and updates for your viewing pleasure.

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