Duck Research & Education

At 50 Ducks, we are incredibly proud of our cutting-edge platform for tracking the location and movement of ducks and geese. For duck research and wetland management, it is a true game-changer. 

Our goal is to ignite a spark of curiosity in elementary, middle, and high schoolers about wildlife and wetland management for waterfowl. By providing near real-time data about migration patterns, we can help future generations protect, conserve, and improve their natural habitats.

Every hour, we capture essential data including:

Distance Traveled
Flight Speed

Local Temperature


And More!

The educational directory of ’50 Ducks’ is designed to offer educators and students access to conservation resources provided by federal and state authorities. We aim for these tools to propel the cause of Conservation Through Education. In addition to educational content and lesson plans, the directory includes engaging activities for children to explore the great outdoors.

Advancing Duck Conservation Through Research

Our GPS tracking system is revolutionizing duck research by providing invaluable insights into waterfowl behavior. By live-streaming GPS-banded ducks, we’re capturing the attention of fellow enthusiasts and students to create a broader knowledge base for anyone interested in conservation.

The passion behind 50 Ducks is resonating with people across the globe, fueling a surge of interest in the fascinating world of waterfowl. As our community grows, so does our impact on wetland management for waterfowl. Our groundbreaking approach to duck research sheds new light on our wetlands, leading to more informed and effective management practices.

Unlock the Secrets of Waterfowl Migration with 50 Ducks

Unravel the mysteries behind the wondrous world of waterfowl migration with 50 Ducks. With our innovative tracking platform, you can discover a newfound appreciation for the intricate balance of nature and play your part in preserving it. Equip yourself with valuable insights by signing up for live duck tracking today! Remember every duck has a story, and it’s our privilege to be able to share these tales with you. So, stay tuned and keep an eye on the skies!

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the 50 Ducks tracker to promote wildlife conservation in your classroom or with kids at home, please reach out to us

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