Waterfowl Ecology and Management

Our Mission

To generate interest and enthusiasm in waterfowl and wetlands by live streaming the movement of GPS-banded waterfowl on the 50 Ducks website.

Ultimately this leads to increased support for protecting and preserving valuable resources. We hope to foster students’ interest and passion by introducing our platform to educational programs in lower, middle, and high schools. Creating lifelong waterfowl enthusiasts is an important step toward the conservation, preservation, and enhancement of waterfowl and their wetland habitat.


Our Vision: Biodiversity Conservation and More

At 50 Ducks, our vision extends far beyond the simple tracking of waterfowl. We strive to enhance biodiversity conservation, utilizing these remarkable birds as indicators of ecosystem health. If we understand their patterns and behaviors, we can promote ecosystem services and preserve precious habitats. 

Waterfowl ecology and management is not just about protecting them; it’s about safeguarding the entire ecosystem and contributing to its stability.


Our Platform: Guiding Conservation Efforts through Migration Patterns

Waterfowl are not only beautiful creatures but also valuable indicators of environmental changes. By studying their migration patterns and connectivity, we gain invaluable insights that can guide conservation efforts. Our platform is a valuable tool for researchers and enthusiasts, offering the opportunity to study duck ecology and contribute to crucial conservation efforts. Join us in unraveling the mysteries of waterfowl and making a difference for these incredible creatures and the habitats they call home.

The goal is to create a broader knowledge base for

Students & Educators

Birders & Waterfowlers

Conservationists & Enthusiasts