Duck Conservation & Research

At 50 Ducks, we recognize how vital researchers and conservationists are to duck and waterfowl conservation. That’s why we commit to providing  daily updates with the latest waterfowl and duck migration information, tracking flight patterns crucial to wildlife and wetlands preservation. 

Our near real-time tracking platform showcases our dedication to offering accurate and dependable data for those on the frontlines of duck conservation efforts with migration updates twice daily and the most current tracking data at your fingertips.

We’re devoted to supporting researchers and conservationists as they strive to protect these essential species and their habitats.

Through our connections with non-profit organizations like

you can trust our unwavering commitment and unparalleled services as your reliable source of vital conservation information.

Ducks swimming in a lake

Innovative Technology For Reliable Tracking

Motivated and driven by its passionate founders Mike and Greer Smith, 50 Ducks has dedicated itself to advancing the field of duck conservation through its innovative technology. Taking flight from Greer’s roots in hunting with his family, 50 Ducks focuses on tracking waterfowl, such as ducks and geese, across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

Greer’s innovative vision realized the potential of GPS tracking technology to understand and preserve waterfowl behavior in their natural habitats. Making a significant splash in 2023, 50 Ducks revolutionized the waterfowl conservation scene by live-streaming the movement of GPS-banded birds directly on this website. 

This breakthrough allows wildlife researchers and conservationists to gather invaluable data and insights into waterfowl behavior, contributing to a broader knowledge base essential for their long-term survival and success against habitat loss and other threats.

Revolutionize Your Strategies With Real-Time Data

The days of waiting weeks or months for migration data are gone. With 50 Ducks’ innovative tracking system, real-time data is within reach and can revolutionize your strategies. Stay ahead of the curve in research and conservation, and accurately track local ducks to boost your endeavors. Start tracking ducks near you today and witness the transformative power of real-time data!