Tierra De Aves A.C.: Bird Preservation & Education

Tierra de Aves, A.C., a notable civil association in Mexico, is a non-profit organization that is steadfastly committed to migratory bird conservation and preserving the environment, particularly the rich and diverse bird species that grace our skies. The organization, under the dedicated and passionate leadership of Manuel Grosselet, is one of Mexico’s leading forces in avian conservation and enhancement. Since 2011, this organization has tirelessly worked to make an impact on bird conservation. Their deep passion for birdwatching and environmental preservation drives them to recognize the vital importance of safeguarding natural habitats and ensuring the well-being of these magnificent creatures.


​​Tierra De Aves’ Pioneering Mission

What sets Tierra De Aves apart is the team’s unwavering commitment to hands-on education, research, and conservation. Comprising dedicated biologists, field technicians, guides, volunteers, and full-time staff, this team tirelessly works across Mexico, engaging in various studies and projects.

Tierra De Aves, under the leadership of Manuel Grosselet, is currently conducting pioneering research on numerous species across Mexico and North America, including Brown Pelicans, Black Hawk Eagles, Fulvous Whistling Ducks, Mexican Ducks, and Blue-winged Teal. These endeavors reflect the organization’s devotion to enhancing the understanding and preservation of avian species.

To spread bird preservation awareness locally, Tierra de Aves, A.C. organizes captivating tours designed for 

  • devoted birdwatchers
  • enthusiastic nature lovers
  • passionate conservationists
  • students 

pursuing wildlife education. These awe-inspiring expeditions provide a unique opportunity to observe, capture stunning photographs, and gain profound knowledge about the diverse array of wild birds.

Furthermore, this remarkable organization operates multiple dedicated banding stations where young individuals receive training in advanced bird monitoring techniques. By imparting this knowledge, Tierra de Aves, A.C. fosters a new generation of skilled conservationists who contribute to the ongoing protection of birds and their habitats.


Manuel Grosselet: A Leading Avian Researcher

Manuel Grosselet is a name well-known in the field of avian research. His commitment to the study, protection, and appreciation of birds has positioned him as a leading figure globally. With a career that spans numerous important roles, including a past representative of SEMARNAT, an NABC trainer, and a certified bander coach, Manuel’s influence in bird conservation is significant and widely respected.

As the leader of Tierra De Aves, Manuel guides a team of dedicated biologists, field technicians, and guides in various avian conservation efforts across Mexico. His work involves complex research projects, hands-on training for aspiring bird banders, and facilitating bird-watching expeditions for enthusiasts of all levels.

Manuel’s passion for birds is not merely academic; it’s a calling that has led him to be a part of some of Mexico’s most prominent avian conservation initiatives. His approach to conservation is pragmatic and inspiring, translating research into actionable strategies to preserve and protect diverse bird species.

Through Tierra De Aves, Manuel continues to contribute positively to the field, nurturing a new generation of researchers and spreading a love and respect for birds far and wide.


Collaborative Conservation: Partnering To Protect Birds and Their Habitats

The Civil association, Tierra De Aves, is renowned for its knowledge of bird preservation and migratory bird conservation. One of their significant endeavors involves training aspiring bird banders, providing practical experience and knowledge essential for preserving avian species.

In this collaborative conservation effort, Tierra De Aves has partnered with 50 Ducks, a cutting-edge platform specializing in tracking the location and movement of ducks and waterfowl. By combining flight data, local weather information, movement trends, and more. 50 Ducks offers an unparalleled tracking system. 

Through this partnership, Tierra De Aves benefits from accurate data that enhances their understanding of bird habitats and migration patterns, enabling them to protect birds and their natural environments. Together, Tierra De Aves and 50 Ducks exemplify the power of collaboration in safeguarding bird populations and preserving their habitats for future generations.


Join the Cause for Migratory Bird Conservation

If the world of migratory and non-migratory birds in Mexico piques your interest, Tierra De Aves is an open door to exploration. Discover more about bird banding, bird watching, conservation, and our collaborative efforts with them: 

The synergy between Tierra De Aves and 50 Ducks is a testament to our shared mission and passion. It’s more than a collaboration; it’s a friendship bound by a shared vision, nurturing both the joy of discovery and a profound respect for nature. You can visit the Tierra De Aves website and follow them on Instagram for updates on upcoming events and projects.

Align with us and our partners in our quest for bird preservation and become a part of something greater. With your help, we can protect our feathered friends and their natural habitats for future generations. Whether you support Tierra De Aves A.C.’s initiatives, raise awareness about avian preservation, or enroll in bird education programs, every action counts. Are you ready to take flight? Sign up for live duck tracking today and contribute to our ongoing efforts. Let’s fly together towards a brighter future for birds and their ecosystems.