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The State of The Birds in 2022 reports the U.S. and Canada have lost ¼ of bird species since 1970. In that same period, the percentages of dabbling and diving ducks are up 34%. Why?

People invest time, money, and resources in what they know and care about. To continue increasing waterfowl numbers and stop overall declining avian population trends, an increased appreciation and respect for the resource must be created.  50 Ducks’ mission is to create the next generation of conservationists who will aid in the future stability and growth of bird numbers.  

50 Ducks was formed with two goals: 1.) Create a platform that would allow for a more well-informed public as to the general movements of waterfowl. 2.) Provide an exciting and interactive platform that can be used in lower, middle, and high school curriculums to create lifelong waterfowl conservationists. In the formation of 50 Ducks, it was essential to find partners across the continent who shared our vision and values. We would never be able to get started without the efforts of Manuel Grosselet, the president of Tierra De Aves in Oaxaca Mexico, and the Jack Miner team, Joe Vermeulen, Matt Olewski, and Tom Coke, in Kingsville, Ontario.

Both these organizations were able to see the profound and immediate impact we could make in schools by blending technology with conservation. Today’s students have resources available that the birder of the 20th century could not have imagined. Using advanced mapping technologies, 50 Ducks can ensure that the telemetry studies being used to benefit scientists across the continent can also make a profound and lasting impact on the youth of North America.

 The waterfowl live stream, and all available educational materials will ALWAYS be free to educators to use in the classroom.

By using 50 Ducks to promote Jack Miner’s expanding educational curriculum, ( Link to Jack Miner)and further the vision of Tierra De Aves [A More aware and participatory society in conservation and issues, through greater knowledge and discovery of the beauty and fascinating habits of birds…in their migratory feats that create connectivity between communities, countries, and continents.] (Link to Tierra De Aves) we can create excitement and a love for the outdoors in students, helping ensure we have the next generations of conservationists.

The love of waterfowl has played a profound role in my life, and I hope to impart the beauty and magic of these creatures to the youth across the continent. If 50 Ducks can change the way a single student sees the natural world around them, I will chalk it up as a resounding success…

We are always looking for new ways to reach students. If you have any questions or would like to see the 50 Ducks live-stream implemented in your kid’s classroom, please reach out to us at





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