Migration Movie: An Animated Duck Film for the Entire Family

Migration by Illumination and Universal

Migration, the latest cinematic creation from Illumination, takes audiences on an unforgettable journey with a Mallard family. This animated duck film offers a captivating twist on migration, allowing parents, kids, and waterfowl enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a heartwarming adventure. From the stunning backdrop of New England to the tropical island of Jamaica, this migration movie showcases the challenges and triumphs of a close-knit family.

Once the comfy confines of their sheltered little pond are left behind, the venture continues in the metropolis of New York City, where there are new friends to meet at every turn. Beyond the entertainment value, relatable themes of family bonding, parenting, resilience, and self-discovery resonate throughout for a unique, fun-filled experience.

Educational Escapades Your Children Will Love

The producers and writers drew inspiration for a migration movie from the expressive nature of wild animals and crafted characters with distinct personalities and traits. Throughout the Mallards’ journey, viewers immerse themselves in a narrative that inspires and teaches, making it an ideal tool for parents to introduce their kids to the captivating world of ducks.

The film’s non-stop action and encounters with unfamiliar environments create a dynamic learning experience, fostering a genuine love for ducks and waterfowl. Migration is not just an animated duck film. It’s a golden opportunity for adults to impart valuable knowledge younger generations will remember far into the future. 

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