Waterfowl Movement Report

Different Ducks Move…Differenlty Waterfowl Movement Report Greer Smith January 3, 2024 The initial 25 days of our newest 19 GPS-tagged waterfowl have provided us with invaluable insights into the behaviors and movements of our GPS-banded teal. This period marks the next chapter  of an extensive study now including an additional 4 Green-winged Teal (GWTE), 4 […]

Flight Report 12/20/2023

Friday Flight Report

Flight Report 12/20/2023 Greer Smith Displayed above are the movements from the first two weeks of 19 GPS-tagged waterfowl in La Paz, Mexico. Observe the daily movements of GWTE #1 ‘Jane.’ The chart above details her movements over the first 12 days since being banded. Below, you will find a video representation depicting a single […]

BWT 79-Day Update

BWT 79-Day Update Greer Smith June 23, 2023 After a 31-day stopover  in North Texas, our beloved Blue-winged Teal, fondly known as Fat Daddy, has reappeared in Boise, Oklahoma. Upon his return to cellular network range, we are now able to dive deep into his movement data from the past month. Our dear friend and […]